Institute of Science and Technology Development is a trust functioning under the Indian Trust Act 1882, which was established in 2021 in Ghazipur, UP. Institute of Science and Technology Development (ISTD) is an organization of academicians, research scholars, engineers and practitioners that provides a platform to share information regarding educational and research activities, projects, conferences and Journal publications in the field of science and technology. The main objectives of this institute have been to make Establishing coordination and harmony in science and technology subjects, organizing seminars and symposiums for their development, organizing speeches by academicians and researchers, publishing research journal for all branches of science and technology, providing assistance in teaching to research scholars and competitive candidates and implement integrated development plans related to education, health for the educational and technical development of the people of the neglected and deprived sections of the society to provide, make efforts to promote research. and this organization creates a state of possibilities with a vision to create new things in education and research which is helpful for the academicians and research scholars. The goal of the institution is to promote the understanding of science and technology and its important role in the advancement of society. In fact the basic structure of this organization is professional in nature. All the people of this organization are nominated as members only after due scrutiny and approval by the governing body. ISTD is certainly strengthening the voice of education and research in the global science and technology community through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards and scientific excellence. To bring a visible change in the contemporary social scenario, this organization of likeminded scholars in the field of science and technology mainly encompasses the elements of education, innovation, research, knowledge exchange, culture and scientific approach etc. in its courtyard. This element is the cornerstone of the principles of the motto 'A Strive for a Better Tomorrow'.


The Institute of Science and Technology Development is a credible platform for promoting science and technology education and research. Every member of the organization has keen interest in developing scientific temperament and developing science and technology environment among academicians and researchers. That is, the members of the Institute of Science and Technology Development are dedicated to fulfilling the objectives of the organization and following the bye-laws. Come, be an Institute of Science and Technology Development member.